Release Notes 2020-07-27

New Features

We are happy to announce some new essential features and improvements today. Please read the release notes carefully. 

Support for Pre-consultation process in Cloudpermit

Pre-consultation phase can now be included in the process before permit application submission. It can be set as mandatory requirement or provided as optional for the applicant to choose. If set as mandatory, applicant must first submit a Pre-consultation request with details and description of the project. It will be then processed by the municipality and after completion, a permit application can be opened with one click in the same project. Not being mandatory means that the applicant is able to either start with Pre-consultation or go straight to open a permit application.

Municipality admin user can configure Pre-consultation separately for each application type. Please contact our Customer support to find out more and receive help with setting up Pre-consultation for your applications.

Arrange Occupancy and Partial occupancy inspections

When a building is ready to be occupied - either completely or partially, municipality inspector can now arrange an Occupancy inspection and create an Occupancy permit which is available for the applicant in Cloudpermit to download. Permit is also sent out as an email attachment.

Note: Applying Partial occupancy can be enabled or disabled for each application separately so it is flexible to allow or disallow it for the applicant case by case.

Templates for Occupancy and Partial occupancy permits are fully configurable and easy to meet the existing look and feel of the municipality documents. Cloudpermit provides default templates which can be used as such or modified further.

Functionality is available to all customers automatically if they already use inspections module. If help is needed with configuration and/or templates our Customer support is more than happy to help out with that.

MPAC reporting

Want to streamline your work and get rid of sending monthly reports to MPAC? Cloudpermit's MPAC reporting sends the mandatory reports straight to MPAC's database without any Excel sheet work and emailing in the middle. You can choose to review the data and send the permits to MPAC from our MPAC assessment reporting view or even better, you can choose to let Cloudpermit send the permit data automatically in the background whenever a permit is issued or the status of the permit becomes occupied or final.

The MPAC reporting is now enabled in Cloudpermit. For the moment, only permits with official Statistics Canada codes can be reported, but support for other permits is coming up a little bit later.

In order for the MPAC reporting to work successfully, the form Permit information for principal authority needs to be enabled for all application types that will be reported. Configuration can be done by the municipality administrator. When you need assistance on how to start reporting permits to MPAC, please contact our Customer support.


Enhanced invitations to Cloudpermit project

There has been a huge demand for simplifying invitation of different parties (applicants, owners, designers etc) to application. We have heard your voice and the invitation mechanism is now revised and much easier to use and understand.

All you need to do is input an email address for the party, optionally user details and select role(s). If you decide to fill in also user details (name, address, phone number etc), the invitation is still sent to the email address and it's up to the recipient to decide whether to accept or decline it.

Important: If the user decides to join and register Cloudpermit later, existing applications containing users email address are linked automatically to the user account and the user becomes a party in the applications and gets access to the workspaces.

Further improvements include a functionality to re-invite existing user if for some reason original invitation has fallen off the radar. It's also easier now to see the status of the invitation for each party as well as who has originally created the workspace. Functionality for editing current parties remain - with some improvements and fixes so that it's more reliable now.

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