Release Notes 2020-07-06

New Features

Fees Management

We are proud to release this big and important feature for municipalities to handle all their permit bills inside Cloudpermit! With Fees managements it is possible to:

  • Create and maintain custom Fee Schedules with smart and easy-to-use Fees editor
  • Collect fees with deposit, upfront, permit and any additional bills 
  • Automate payment processes by selecting which fees should be collected for which application type and at which point in the process
  • Integrate with the online payment operator
  • and more!

Modify fee parameters and create equations for counting the fees based on the application data

Evaluate equations to make sure fees will be calculated correctly

Applicant sees the fee breakdown inside Cloudpermit

Please contact our Customer support to find out more and receive help on how to get up-and-running with Fees Management!

Property owner check

An essential part of the application assessment is the confirmation that the named property owner(s) matches the property owner(s) in the municipal records. To make that check easy, we have now added a simple feature to read that information from the municipal GIS system to Cloudpermit UI with a click of a button.

The feature is available to the municipal users only for security reasons (to prevent phishing of the owner information).

Please note: If you do not see this functionality in Cloudpermit, please contact our Customer support to get the issue sorted. The reason is most probably that your GIS does not provide owner information at the moment.

MPAC reporting

Last time we gave out premature information about automatic permit data reporting to MPAC. This great feature is now planned to release on July 27.

Bug fixes and improvements 

  • Order of planned inspections in MyToday view was not the same as in dispatching view. This has been now fixed  so that order in both views is the same - namely the one that dispatcher has planned for the inspector.
  • Some performance issues were found when opening the applications. Nobody want's to wait toooooo loooooong so everything should be snappier now.

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