Release notes 2020-06-15

New features

Change in the release notes on June 15th: MPAC reporting feature has been removed from the release. More information on the new release date available soon.

Create and download custom permit reports

All municipalities have their own custom needs for permit reporting e.g. for internal or external use. Usually the data is retrieved from many different sources and then put together in excel for further analysis and reporting. We have released a tool for custom permit reports.

User is able to select data from submitted, issued or open permits, from any custom time period, from any permit category and include a number of optional fields in the report. Data is downloaded in csv-format for further processing in your tool of choice.

If you have any questions or you wish to have more information about our new released reporting tools, please contact our customer support.

Select an assignee for a workspace

Municipality users are now able to select any user from the municipality as an assignee for a workspace. This information is visible also to applicants so they are aware of who is the first point-of-contact for their application. Assignee is treated as the primary responsible for overseeing the application and notifications for new messages is displayed for the assignee only. Other users do not then become overloaded of the notifications.

Short Term Accommodation

From now on it is possible to process Short Term Accommodation applications in Cloudpermit. There is a permit category Short Term Accommodation, which includes work types New and Renewal and work target Occupancy. By default it is disabled, but the municipality administrator is able to enabled it from the configuration.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • The date-picker (the thing you use to select a day) did not have a shortcut to browse through years. We thought it was quite laborious to do by scrolling though months so we made it possible now. Year 2030 here we come!

  • When the dispatcher had set inspections to a specific order, that wasn't the same order after all for the inspector in My Today view. Some ordering parameters were fine-tuned and now the inspections appear in identical order - even if it would change later on.

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