Release Notes 2020-05-04

This update includes only few visible items, but at the same time we are building something much bigger... just wait and see within few months! #keeping-you-in-suspense

Additional attachments can be uploaded during construction

After the permit is issued and construction work is started, it's common that applicants or designers need to supply additional attachments, such as Truss drawings. Guess what? Now there is a place for those attachments in the workspace under Work phase. It's similar to the one in the Application phase and works exactly same way - only their location in the workspace is different.

Bug fixes

  • Attachment type selection list should not have had a "clear"-button, since it's not possible to remove type(s) completely. Attachment should always have at least one type selected. The non-functional button is now removed from there. Bye bye!
  • Fixed small problems in role-specific forms, such as Designer information, which were related to sign-off. Pretty complex stuff, but all good now.

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