Release Notes 2020-04-14

New features and functionalities included in the release

Evolve is now Cloudpermit

We have given our e-permitting system a fresh new look and a new name. Evolve is now called Cloudpermit. The change requires no action from you. There has been no change to the general layout and functionality of the system. Your login is the same, along with all your settings, applications and other data. Just log in and continue working as normal!

Municipal authority has an option to change statuses during construction phase

When time comes, construction will be finished, house can be occupied and permit needs to be closed. This all and many other changes can be now managed in the Cloudpermit workspace by the municipal authority.

Add inspections for pre-Cloudpermit permits

Permits issued before Cloudpermit can now be added into Cloudpermit so that inspections can be performed for them. It only needs an address in order to bring them in for inspections. Optionally, an existing Permit number and an External ID can be inputted manually in the workspace so that the permit in Cloudpermit can be linked back to the permit in the municipality archive.

Improved map view and map tools

Map view in the workspace has been updated and it also has a couple of useful tools now. These include expanding/shrinking the map, zoom in/out, center, move, show/hide layers, measure line and area. The new map view is first available in the workspace and will be included also elsewhere later on.

Email notification for a completed inspection visit

When an inspection visit is completed, application parties receive now an email notification which includes details of the visit and what was the result. Full details of the inspection can be viewed in Cloudpermit as usual, but now the notification reaches the parties immediately once the visit has been completed. Just remember to allow email notifications in the application workspace so you don't miss a thing!

More accurate civic addresses

All the civic addresses for applications are now handled according to complete structural format. This includes house number, suffix, street name and type, direction and unit information. Cloudpermit supports full formatting according to Canada Post specification. When a new application is created, address is formatted automatically but the municipal authority has an option to change it manually afterwards.

Inspector areas (wards) visible in the dispatching map

If municipality admin has uploaded a shape file containing geographical working areas for the inspectors and assigned inspectors to these areas, they are now visible in the dispatching view. Map shows the primary working areas and secondary areas can be checked in the inspector details.

Bug fixes

  • When an application was deleted, there was some remnants of data left in the database which in some occasion could appear at the moment you would least expect it. Those bits and pieces are now cleaned up and we promise they will not come back to haunt you.
  • Same data leftover applied also to applications which were either Rejected or Withdrawn and had some tasks, review requests etc. related to them in the users' dashboards. These are fixed as well.

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