Release Notes 2020-03-23

New features and functionalities included in the release

Withdraw an application (applicant)

There are instances that require applications to be withdrawn. For these instances, we will be introducing a feature called Application Withdrawal. As the name suggests, this feature will allow applicants to withdraw applications up until the municipal review of the application begins. Once the municipal review of the application begins, it cannot be withdrawn by the applicant. In addition, for the application to be withdrawn, the municipality needs to accept the withdraw of the application. Screenshots of this feature are included below.  

Reject an application (municipality)

There are also instances where municipalities need to reject applications due to a number of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, we will be introducing a function called Application Rejection. This will allow certified municipality users to reject applications. If an application is rejected, all parties of the application will be notified via email of the rejection. Screenshots of this feature are included below.

Collaborate With New Parties Throughout the Application Process

We have introduced a feature that allows new parties to be invited and/or added to applications after they have been submitted and even after their permits have been issued. This feature allows applicants to introduce new designers, contractors, and other parties to projects, throughout the permit application process. A screenshot of this feature is included below.

Download Order PDF

We have introduced a PDF Order feature. More specifically, when an inspector has decided to issue an Order to Comply during an inspection, a PDF version of the order is created automatically and it can be downloaded for viewing or printing out. One of the main reasons we developed this feature is because of instances where applicants are not digitally invited to the application on Cloudpermit and the order needs to be acknowledged. This would require the applicant to print off and sign the order with a pen on a paper. A screenshot of a sample PDF Order is included below.

New Forms and Attachment Types

We have added the Commitment to Coordinate Engineered products form to Cloudpermit. This form can now be added as a required form and can be used as a formal sign-off from the designer or engineer on their work. A screenshot of this form is included below.

In addition, we have added a new attachment type called Invoice. This attachment type was developed in direct response to the current COVID-19 pandemic which is heavily limiting the general public's access to municipal offices. The Invoice attachment type allows accounting teams to upload invoice documents to Cloudpermit. Applicants are then able to download the invoice and pay the permit fees either through their online bank or by doing so in person at a bank of their preference. In essence, this allows municipalities to collect permit fees remotely. A screenshot of the configuration of this attachment type is included below.

In addition, we have added a new attachment type called Truss Drawing. To use this attachment type, municipality admin users need to select it for use in the configuration.

Indicator for New Messages

We have introduced the following improvements to Cloudpermit's messaging portal:

  • When a user sends a new message in the application thread, an indicator is now visible in the header for all users that take part in the application (also municipality users). Until the message is read, the count will not decrease.
  • New threads with messages are displayed on top of the list so that it is easy to see them at glance. Until the message is read, the count will not decrease. 
  • Threads show also a count of new messages since last visit. Until these messages are read, the count will not decrease. 

Screenshots of these new message features are included below.

Fixes and Improvements

We have introduced following fixes and improvements:

  • Multiple layout and functional improvements for mobile devices in the inspection views. Cloudpermit should be now usable with most phones and tablets.
  • Fixed a bug in the attachments. Previously, the attachment type sometimes cleared after the description was edited after initial upload. Now the attachment type remains unchanged even after the attachment type meta data is modified.

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