Release Notes 2020-03-02

New features and functionalities included in the release

Default freeze time for inspection requests

Municipality admin can set a default freeze time after which inspections can not be requested any more for the next day.

Freeze time is set for 1 day, 12:00. This means that requests for Wednesday must be done before Tuesday 12:00. Identically, requests for Thursday must be done before Wednesday 12:00.

Note that restrictions does not apply for municipality users when they are making requests on behalf of the applicants and builders.

Display previous inspections for the Dispatcher

Dispatcher can see status of the previous inspections when choosing to see Notes for any inspection. This helps with making a decision whether request can be processed or not.

Reassign inspection for other inspectors

Inspectors are able to reassign inspections for other inspectors one-by-one or all-in-once in the My Today view. When reassigning to other users, inspections are moved to the recipient inspectors My Today list immediately. Recipient will also get an email informing about the change.

Attachments quick view for the inspector

Inspector has now a quick view for attachments when documenting the inspection. There is a section Attachments visible in the view which lists all uploaded attachments. Inspector can use filtering buttons to filter out only specific attachment types (e.g. Architectural Drawings or Site Plan).

Display cancelled requests

Inspectors and Dispatchers need to know about inspection requests that are cancelled after they have been assigned to someone. Inspectors have an option to show/hide them in My Today view.

Dispatchers will now also see cancellations in the Dispatching view.

Follow inspectors' productivity

By default, inspectors do not need to input time that they have used for each inspection visit. Municipality admin user can make it mandatory that inspector must input their work hours for the inspection. When this is is enabled, all inspections from that moment on will have the field visible for recording hours and that field must be inputted in order to complete an inspection visit.

In the future, this data can be used also for reporting.

Send SMS or call to a person who requested inspection

Inspectors have now quick access in My Today view to SMS and Phone call for contacting the person who requested inspection. There might be a need e.g. to inform about the schedule or arrival on the construction site. Using the SMS and Phone call links with a mobile device opens up the Message or Phone app directly on a mobile without a need to input numbers manually.

Quick selection for mostly used phrases for the inspector

Many times inspectors are using same text phrases when doing inspections. That is very time consuming and inefficient. Instead of repeatedly inputting texts, they can use predefined Phrases. To utilize these, municipality admin must first add and configure all the needed phrases and select which are used for inspections. After this, phrases are available for the inspectors.

Phrase configuration:

Phrase selection:

Passed inspections can be reopened

Occasionally there is a need to reopen an inspection which is already passed. Inspectors might do spelling mistakes or forget something (surprise, they are also humans). If this should happen, inspector can go to an inspection, select to reopen it and do necessary changes. A reason must be provided always when inspection is reopened. Inspection log then displays if it has been reopened and the reason for it.

Reopen inspection:

Inspection visit history:

Fixes and improvements

  • To improve security, all users logins are now logged out automatically after 4 hours of inactivity. This means that if a user does not use the system at all for more than 4 hours s/he needs to login again after that. System will take care of redirecting automatically to the page where the user was logged out.
  • Automated email is now sent out to application parties when a permit is issued. Previously there was no email, but we wrote some more code and boosted our email server so now this small, but important part of the whole is there.

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