Release Notes 2020-02-10

New features for inspections

Bunch of new features for inspections have been released within this release, including showing inspections on a map for the dispatcher, issuing orders, managing inspector qualifications just to name a few. Take a look at the list below for more details.

View inspections on a map

Dispatchers can see a straight line route between inspections when planning on work of the inspectors. This helps them to create a route which is most suitable when considering travel times and distance between inspection sites. If the route needs to be changed, just grab on any inspection box under the inspectors and change the order of them. It is inspector, dispatcher and environmental friendly in many levels!

To see the route, just click the name of the inspector (highlighted in red) or any location on the map - meaning those black circles with letters inside of them. So what are the letters you might ask? Well, they represent the initials of the inspector. Very handy.

Issue an order to comply for an inspection

An order to comply can be issued for an inspection very similarly as adding deficiencies. Every order includes a list of deficiencies and a required action for each of them. The person whom the order is issued to (Applicant, Builder etc) gets an email notification and must acknowledge it in Cloudpermit before anyone can continue working on the project. This process confirms to municipality users that order is actually received and acknowledged.

Check qualifications of inspectors and required qualifications of inspections

Dispatcher is now able to check assigned qualifications for each of the inspector as well as required qualifications for each inspections. Cloudpermit automatically matches these two together to display whether the inspector is qualified to perform the inspection. This information can be used when deciding whom to send out to carry out the inspection.

By the way, "Q" below inspectors' name does not refer to Q in James Bond nor does it stand for "Question". Any idea what it stands for?

We've also added the possibility to manage (add/change/remove) required qualifications for inspections before the permit issued and after that.

Fixes & improvements

As always, every release includes multiple smaller improvements and fixes for discovered bugs. This time these include:

  • Default reviews were duplicated when application was re-submitted. No duplication any more. If there are duplicates in old applications, just remove them. Bye bye!
  • Default inspections were duplicated when draft permit was deleted. No duplication any more. If there are duplicates in old applications, just remove them. Bye bye!
  • Usability improvements to inspections. This is the UX stuff for UI geeks.
  • New visually improved date picker to make selecting a day pure joy. Okay, it's also technically better to meet our tough internal requirements, but that's not very compelling.
  • General responsive layout improvements, which manifests itself e.g. by the form of a new user menu on the top right corner!
  • It happened sometimes that generating permit PDF failed. That should no longer be an issue but drop us a line if that should still happen. PDF generation isn't always as trivial as one would imagine.
  • Dashboard search ignored previously inputted search keywords when coming back to dashboard from an application workspace. Phew. Ignoring fixed.
  • Invited users' email was not displayed for all invited users in the section Parties of the application. It was hidden if the user was not registered yet. We fixed the bug but to make email address visible for existing pending invites without email address, invitation should be deleted and re-sent. We hope that is not too much trouble.
  • For newly registered users, there was an invisible Apply for a permit button, which was impossible to see because it was not there. One could not also click that for the same reason. But all is good, it is visible now again.

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