Release Notes 2020-01-09

This release includes only improvements and fixes for already existing features. Explore complete change log below.


  • Many small improvements to new inspections feature we released just recently. It keeps getting better and better!
    • On-site inspections: Whenever there are open deficiencies for an inspection, the result must be set something else than "Passed". Such as "Not complete" or "Failed: Deficiencies". After zero open deficiency, result can be set to "Passed". Simple.
    • Dispatching: Municipality and Province is displayed after street address.
    • Dispatching: Horizontal scroll bar is always visible when you need it.
    • Dispatching: There is an icon visible if the requester has added any notes.
    • Dispatching: Requests are sorted by their request date and time slot.
    • Dispatching: Requests for the day you're looking at are highlighted with a blue border color.
    • Workspace status is now automatically changed to Construction started when first inspection visit is completed.
    • Inspections that are not yet completed but are still in progress, are displayed separately in My Today view in a section IN PROGRESS, so that it's easier to continue working with them.


  • Adding and/or deleting an attachment caused a notification "Attachment converted to PDF/A" to appear. With deletion, nothing is actually converted. That's why we removed that notification and display it only when attachment is added - and converted.
  • Sometimes an email sent automatically from Cloudpermit ended up in the "Promotions" tab in Gmail. Email content had to be changed slightly so that they Gmail would not consider them as promotional messages. So now they should go to "Primary" tab where all your important stuff lands on.
  • When there is an error, it's not very helpful if the message is just "Error". So one (1) specific error notification includes now also a reason for the error. Much more helpful!
  • Phone number of a user who requested an inspection was not visible for the inspector. It's easier to call if you know the number so now it's visible.
  • My Today and Dispatching widgets for municipal users didn't show the number of items after user was logged in. Not a problem any more!
  • In very small screens, a modal view for sending out email for the scheduled inspection displayed user roles like "Requ" or "Appl". After this fix, they are displayed as "Requester" or "Applicant". Readability FTW!

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