Release Notes 2020-12-30

BIG NEWS! Inspections management, scheduling and site visits

We have released inspections for all the customers. It has been one of the most anticipated feature during the last months. But now it's there, live and ready for use. Within this wonderful feature, inspections can be

  1. requested for certain date and time by the applicant, builder or whoever is involved in the application
  2. dispatched for the inspectors calendars in separate Dispatching view
  3. browsed by the inspectors in dedicated My today view (shows inspection scheduled for today)
  4. carried out by making a Site visit and documenting details, deficiencies, photos and site conditions

Applicants and builders can see immediately how inspections are progressing and they can respond to any requests immediately. Inspectors on-site can use their laptops or tablets for documentation - or choose to finalize everything at the office. Detailed information and instructions for how to carry out inspections will be provided in our support portal soon.

Note! If your municipality would like to get hands on with inspections, create a support request and feature will be enabled for you.

Custom permit number

Another highly requested feature: Permit number is now customizable. Municipality admin can set the numbering format in the Configuration. Permit number will automatically have current year and a sequential number added to it, but everything else can be configured to suit your needs. Each application gets a permit number automatically once it is submitted.

New review and attachment types added

We have added a new review type:

  • CBO review

And following new attachment types:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Commitment to general review
  • Schedule 1
  • Schedule 2

This update is rolled out to all customers automatically. If you wish to use CBO review within your review process, municipality administrator must first enable it in the configuration. Our support team will help you out if needed!

User interface update to the application workspace

Application workspace got a facelift and information is now laid out better. All mandatory information prior submission is also displayed better. A small map with a pointer for the location is also added. This work never ends, so expect for even more improvements in the future!

Refreshed login page

Our login page got also some fresh breeze. You might notice it - or not. But it still works like a charm!

Report from the bug squashers

  • Clear / X button didn't clear the content in the dashboard search at all. Now it works. (Note: this is for municipality users only)
  • Windows users ahoy! You have had major difficulties uploading files with drag&drop. Not very good. We fixed it so you are now on par with Mac users.
  • For some reason Building Area and Cost of Construction fields were not saved in the permit even though the fields were filled in perfectly. Our mistake and now they get saved like you would expect.
  • If you were a municipality user and you had your credit card saved in the browser profile, you may have seen that saving a search filter in the Dashboard tries to autofill credit card as a name of the filter. That's very bad name for the filter, agreed. Now it does not do that anymore.
  • A user provided us feedback that an application could not be submitted and there was no obvious reason. We investigated, found the reason and solved a problem. Application is now happily submitted. Should that situation ever appear again, we added a notification and guidance for the users how to overcome that.
  • A really really really small fix to address search, which takes care of whitespace characters in the search term. Everything's better now there.
  • While developing and implementing inspection feature, we patched at least a dozen of issues that were unknown at that time. We are grateful for all the people who participated for the pre-production testing! Big thanks!

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