Release Notes 2019-10-07

New features

Stakeholder approvals for permit applications

A new feature called "Approvals" is introduced in Cloudpermit. This allows external or internal stakeholder users to join Cloudpermit for processing permit application approvals. Each stakeholder group can keep their own group up-to-date, add or remove new users and get notifications when an approval is requested by the municipal authority. All the needed information is available in Cloudpermit and visible to everyone participating in the approval process. For extended control over requests, stakeholders can re-assign Approval request to a colleague inside their own group.

For municipal authorities Approvals allows selection of stakeholders they want to engage with. During application review cycle, they are able to send a requests for approvals from each stakeholder needed for reviewing the permit application. For the maximum transparency during application review, municipal authority can select visibility of each approval to include also Applicant and/or other stakeholders. If necessary, Approval can remain private between municipality and stakeholder. Approval can also optionally include a due date, which helps everyone keep track on schedule.

Create an application on behalf of the Applicant by Municipal authority

Occasionally Applicants are unable to use Cloudpermit for creating and submitting permit application. For example, they might not have an email address, which is required for the usage. When they arrive to meet municipal authority in person, s/he is able to create and submit a permit application on behalf of them. Process is very simple:

  1. Municipal authority creates a new permit application
  2. S/he fills in basic details about the project and the Applicant
  3. S/he prints out the application for the Applicant to sign off
  4. Applicant signs off, authority scans the application and uploads it back to Cloudpermit
  5. Authority can submit the application or invite a designer, builder, consultant etc to continue working with the application

Application sign off is stored in the application and can be then viewed for the application parties all the time.

Improvement for the OBC Data Matrix

Until now, OBC Data Matrices have been introduced as separate forms (Parts 3, 9, 10 and 11), which can be set as individual requirements for the application. From now on, only one OBC Data Matrix is needed in the application. Authority user adds the requirement of OBC Data Matrix and the Designer is able to choose herself, which part is used to provide details for the design.

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