Admin|How to add, modify, and delete payment instructions and methods for bills

This tutorial is for administrators only.

In this section, you will learn how to add, modify, and delete payment instructions and methods of bills in the Fees configuration. 

  1. In the Cloudpermit header, navigate to User Menu and select Fees.

2. In the Fees Configuration view, scroll down to Other settings.

3. Enable Online payments. It will allow applicants to pay bills online.

4. Enable Create an invoice PDF automatically for the confirmed bill and send it via email to the payer. It will allow applicants to receive invoices included in the email notifications.

5.  To include the payment instructions for the invoices, click Edit in the Payment Instructions section.

6. Type the payment instructions in the text field and click Close.

7. Scroll to Payment methods.

8. To add a payment method, click Add Payment Method+.
9. Enter a name for the payment method and click Save Payment Method.

10. Click the trash bin icon next to the payment method to delete the selected method.

11. Click Yes.

12. The selected payment method is removed from the application.

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