How to Create a Permit Bill


If your municipality has fees enabled under their configuration, you will be able to create permit bills for applications. This article will cover the process of creating a permit bill. 

  • Note: If no fees and payments section is showing on any permits, your municipality will need to have their fees configured by our Support Team. Please feel free to reach out to us by submitting a ticket with this request. 

How to Create a Permit Bill

  1. Open Cloudpermit at
  2. Open the application that you would like to attach a permit bill to
    • To help you find certain work spaces fast click here
  3. Scroll down to the Fees and Payments section of the application and select Add Permit Bill 
  4. First, ensure that the correct fee schedule is selected, as can be seen in the top right of the below image 
  5. Select fee items from the drop down menu on the left 
  6. Once the fee item has been included, the quantity and unit price will auto-populate from the fees schedule. 
    • Note: You can still manually alter the Quantity and Unit Price before posting the bill, as can be seen in the image below 
  7. You can continue to add more fee items to the permit bill, and even add notes to each if needed. All of the fee item amounts will auto sum at the bottom of the bill. 
    • There is a Metric to Imperial toggle at the top of the bill that can be used at anytime.
    • Fee items can also be deleted by selecting the trash can to the right.
  8. Once all fee items have been added click Confirm Bill
    • Confirming the bill will send an email notification to the following parties to the application: Applicant, Property Owner, and Payer
    • A notification under the Tasks and Requests section of those parties dashboards will also be populated when they log into Cloudpermit. They can click on the notification in order to access the application and the bill. 
  9. Once payment has been received, the municipality can then go back to the application and select set bill as paid. A Payer will need to be selected as well.  
  10. Once the bill has been paid a receipt and bill number is automatically generated that can be accessed at the bottom of the bill, as can be seen in the below image.
    • When a bill is set to paid, email notifications are again sent to the Applicant, Property Owner, and Payee. These parties can also log into Cloudpermit and access the automatically generated receipt. 
  11. An example of what those bills look like when accessed can be seen here 

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