How to create a report filter

This tutorial outlines how to create a report filter in the "Reporting." 

Open "User menu" and select "Reporting" from the drop-down menu list.


Select the "Permits" tab.

Go to the "Select report and filter range" section.

Select "Report type": 
  • Submitted Applications
  • Issued Permits
  • Open Permits

Select "Time range" from the drop-down menu list:
  • Current month
  • Previous week
  • Previous month
  • Year to date
  • Last year
  • Custom

  • Permit categories
  • Form fields
  • Other optional fields

Select "Sort by" criteria:
  • Submitted date
  • Issued date

Scroll up the "Reporting" view.
Click "Save current as a present."
Type a name for the filter and click the text field.
Open the drop-down menu.
The new filter is at the top of the list.
Click the "filter name" in the list.

Confirm it by clicking the confirmation icon.
Success - Your filter has been saved, and it is at the top of the "filter" drop-down menu.


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