How to configure automatic reminders to start construction and/or complete outstanding inspections

Cloudpermit allows users to configure how many days after a permit is issued and reminders to complete outstanding inspections an automated email is sent to remind parties to applications.

This tutorial explains how to configure the feature for all permit categories and how to configure it for a specific category.

Go to the User Menu and open it.
Scroll to the Configurations and open it. 
In the Application Configuration page, scroll down to the Required forms, attachments, and review configs.

Go to the Building permit and expand it by clicking the down-facing arrow on the right.
Scroll to the Notifications.

Change the number in the text field "days after the permit is issued."

By default, Cloudpermit will send this reminder 180 days after the permit issuance days.

Change the number in the text field "days before "Completion date" value in the permit.

By default, Cloudpermit will send this reminder 30 days before the completion date inputted in the permit draft.

To configure this function for a specific category, return to the application configuration page and select a category from the list (Accessory Structures, Agricultural, etc.) and expand it.

Scroll down to the Notifications. 

Edit the number of days in the permit issuance and days before the completion date. These settings will only affect the specific category you are working on.  

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