How to configure automatic reminders to start construction and/or complete outstanding inspections

Administrators can access the  Cloudpermit configuration from their Dashboard. Navigate to the User Menu in the Cloudpermit header, expand the drop-down menu, and select the desired configuration item from the drop-down list. This tutorial shows how to configure how many days after a permit is issued, and the automated email reminders to complete outstanding inspections are sent to remind parties of applications.

  1. Select Configuration.
  2.  Scroll down to the Required forms, attachments, and review configs section in the Application configuration view.
  3. Click Building permit.
  4.  Scroll to the Notifications settings. Select the checkbox Enable permit notifications.
  5.  Change the number in the text field "days after the permit is issued." By default, Cloudpermit will send this reminder 180 days after the permit issuance days. Change the number in the text field "days before "Completion date" value in the permit. By default, Cloudpermit will send this reminder 30 days before the completion date inputted in the permit draft. 

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