How to Configure Non-Working Inspection Days


Cloudpermit allows administrator users to configure days when inspections cannot be requested. This feature is useful as it allows the ability to block off certain days like public holidays or days where inspectors are not available. This article explains how administrator users can take advantage of this feature on Cloudpermit. Please note, only administrator users can do so. 

How to Configure Non-Working Inspection Days

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Click your name at the top right of the screen
  3. Click on Inspections 
  4. Scroll down to Non-working days
  5. Start inputting Non-working days
    1. To do so, begin by selecting a From date. You can input a date by typing anywhere on the grey bar under From. Please enter the date as follows: year-month-day. You can also input a From date by clicking on the grey search bar under From which will prompt a calendar date selector for you to click on a specific date. 
    2. Once you've selected a From date, select a To date. To do so, please follow the same steps you did for selecting the From date. If you need to input one single Non-working day please select the To date as the same day as the From date.
  6. Once you've selected a From and To date, click on the ADD button which is located under the From date
  7. Confirm the Non-working day(s) by clicking the YES button
  8. Success! You've now configured Non-working day(s) into Cloudpermit. All of the Non-working day(s) you've configured into Cloudpermit will appear below the From and To dates, as can be seen below. 
  9. Please note, once you've configured Non-working day(s) into Cloudpermit, users will not be able to request inspections on those days, but if you still need to conduct the inspection on the Non-working day(s) the inspector can still open the inspection and conduct record a visit, even if the inspection was not able to be requested.  

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