How to edit Building Permit Category descriptions

This tutorial explains how administrator users can edit the building permit category descriptions. These descriptions can help applicants understand what the specific category means and if it is an appropriate selection.

Go to the User Menu and open it.
Scroll down to the Configurations and click on it.
On the Application Configuration page, go to the Building Permit list and scroll down until you find the permit category you want to edit.
Example: Residential building category has been chosen.

Expand the section by clicking the down-facing arrow on the right.
Scroll down to the Category Description.

Type the desired category description in the text box.

You can include a URL in the description to direct applicants to a municipal website.

You can also use the bold, italic, and underline text formatting tools located at the top right of the text box. Additionally, you can resize the text by clicking the drop-down menu right above the top left of the text box.

Cloudpermit automatically saves changes.

Continue the same way with all category descriptions you want to edit.

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