How to set review configurations in applications

This tutorial shows how to configure application review settings to manage which reviews will be available to use.

Go to the "User Menu" and select "Configuration" from the drop-down menu.
Scroll down to the "Required forms, attachments, and review configs" section.
Click "Building permit."
Go to the "Review configs" set.
Check off the box next to the desired review you want to include in the application.
  • Application in General
  • Architectural plans review
  • Documenting review
  • Mechanical plans review
  • Zoning review
Scroll down the section and click "Save."
Any review you toggle on here will be available for use within the configuration module of Cloudpermit.

In other words, if you add a review within the "Review configs," it will be available to be counted as a review for specific applications. Conversely, if you remove a review from the "Review configs," it will not be available to be used for the review of any applications.

Simply adding a review within "Review configs" will not add the review to the reviews of applications. 

Configuring specific reviews to specific applications needs to be done under the "Configuration" of Cloudpermit.



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