Application Review Configuration (Managing Available Reviews)


Welcome to Cloudpermit’s Review Configs! Here, Administrator users can manage which reviews will be available to use. There are five reviews available for use on Cloudpermit, which are as follows:

  1. Application in general
  2. Architectural plans review
  3. CBO review
  4. Mechanical plans review
  5. Zoning review

In addition to controlling which reviews can be used, Administrator users can toggle on/off Time tracking. The Time tracking feature allows application reviewers to record how long they spent on their review.

How to Access Review Configs

To access Review configs, you must be an Administrator user. If you are an Administrator user, please follow the instructions below. If you are not an Administrator user, please contact your Administrator and request from them to add you to the Administrator Group

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Click your name near the top right of the window as can be seen by the image below.
  3. A drop-down menu should now automatically populate. Please click Review configs. It should be the fourth selectable button from the list.
  4. Success! You have now reached Cloudpermit’s Review Config, which should appear similar to the image below. 

How to Add/Remove a Review to Your Municipality’s Cloudpermit Configuration

  1. Access the Review config. If you forget how to, please follow the instructions above under the heading How to Access Review Configs.
  2. You should now be within Cloudpermit’s Review configs. Under Reviews, there are five available reviews, as follows:
    1. Application in general
    2. Architectural plans review
    3. CBO review
    4. Mechanical plans review
    5. Zoning review
  3. To add/remove one of the reviews, simply check/uncheck the box next to the desired review.
  4. Once you are finished adding/removing one or more of the reviews, please click the Save button near the top right of the window. It is circled in red on the image below. 

NOTE: Any review you toggle on here will be available for use within the configuration module of Cloudpermit. In other words, if you add a review within the Review configs it will be available to be added as a review for specific applications. Conversely, if you remove a review from the Review configs, it will not be available to be used for the review of any applications. Finally, simply adding a review within Review configs will not add the review to the reviews of applications. Configuring specific reviews to specific applications needs to be done under the Configuration module of Cloudpermit.  

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