How to Configure Project Types


Cloudpermit helps guide users on picking the applicable application category. One the ways Cloudpermit does so is using the project type feature. Municipal use one of six project types to help guide users pick the applicable category for their application. For example, administrator users on Cloudpermit can setup the Commercial project type to only include Commercial permit categories such as commercial building. This article explains how the project types feature can be configured. 

How to Configure Project Types

  1. Log into your Cloudpermit account at
  2. Click your name at the top right
  3. Click configuration    
  4. Scroll down to the permit category you want to configure the project types feature for
    1. For example, let's scroll down to the residential building category
    2. Expand the category by clicking the downward facing arrow on the right side of the tile
  5. Scroll down to project types 
  6. Select one of the six available Project types
    1. Using the residential building category as an example, it would make sense to turn on the Residential project type. To do so, simply check off the box on the left side of each project type. 
    2. Once you turn on a project type here, it means that when a user selects the Residential project type, they'll only be able to select the permit categories listed under the Residential project type.
  7. Continue steps four through six for every permit category you want to configure

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