How to configure required forms, attachments, party roles and reviews of applications

This tutorial explains how administrators can configure various requirements for building applications. The "Application configuration" view contains the "Required forms, attachments, and review configs" section to adjust those settings. 

Go to the "User Menu" and select "Configuration" from the drop-down list.
In the "Application configuration" view, scroll down to the "Required forms, attachments, and review configs" section.

Click "Building permit."
The view of "Common configuration settings for building permits" opens.

These settings define which forms are included and which attachments and review configs are required in different applications.

Higher-level configuration affects all applications of that type, i.e., settings for building permit/residential will be inherited by all work types and targets.

To turn on/off settings, check on/off the boxes on the left side of each set.

While applying common settings for all permits is helpful, you may wish to hone in specific application categories (residential vs. industrial) settings.

For example, residential building permits may require different attachments and party roles than demolition permits.

See the example of it below.

Go to the "Permit categories" list at the bottom of the "Common configuration settings for building permits."
The category list starts with "Accessory structures."

Select "Accessory structures" from the list.

Some default inspections, forms, required attachments, required party roles, and review configurations are greyed out, like the image beside shows.

They cannot be turned off. Those configurations have been turned on in the "Common configuration for building permits" because they apply to all permit applications.

Go up the view to the "Common configuration for building permits" section to turn the settings off.

Once you turn off the settings in the "Common configuration for building permits" section, they will no longer be greyed out in the permit categories' settings.

Cloudpermit automatically saves selected choices in the settings.

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