How to configure building permit categories

This tutorial explains how administrator users can configure which categories of building permits their municipality will receive via Cloudpermit.

Go to the "User Menu" and select "Configuration" from the list. 
In the "Application types in use" view, go to the "Building permit" section.

Here you can select which categories and application types will be available in Cloudpermit.
Any application category listed, including a purple checkmark next to its name, means it is turned on and applied for.

Begin selecting a permit category in the "Categories".

Click the "arrow" next to the category name.

Select "Pre-consultation" from the drop-down menu. 
Modify the "Category description" if needed.

Select "Project types".

Cloudpermit allows you to configure the Work types and Work targets of each permit category you decide to accept.

Cloudpermit allows you to configure the "work types" and "work targets" of each permit category you decide to accept.

Select "Work types".

Select "Default work type" from the drop-down list.
Select "Default work target".

Check off the box if needed:

"Prevent applicant from changing work type or work target".
After configuring the "Categories, Work types, and Work targets", save your work by clicking "Save" at the bottom of the view. 
Success - Your configurations for "Building permit categories" have been saved.

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