How to add a permit to an application

This tutorial explains how to add a permit to an application. 

In the Application Workspace, scroll down to the Permits block. 

Click he Create permit draft + button. 

Select the permit template from the drop-down menu.
Click Create permit draft to continue.
The inspection form opens.
The field(s) marked with a red asterisk * are mandatory fields to fill in.

You see the required inspections listed at the bottom of the view.
The municipality has pre-configured the needed inspections.
Click the Issue permit button to create a permit.
A confirmation dialog opens. Confirm by clicking Yes.
Return to the application workspace by clicking the blue-colored link (Building permit).
Success - The created permit appears in the Permits block.

To download the pdf. file, click Download permit.
The status of the application has been changed to Permit issued.

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