How To Cancel Inspection Requests on Behalf of Applicants


While canceling inspection requests will mostly be done by applicants, Cloudpermit offers authority users the ability to cancel inspections on behalf of applicants. This article explains how to cancel an inspection request on behalf of an applicant. Please note, inspections can only be canceled for applications under Construction started status.

How to Cancel Inspection Requests on Behalf of Applicants

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Locate The Subject Application
    1. To do so, please scroll down to Applications.
    2. Click on the address of the application which should be written in blue text.
  3. Locate The Subject Inspection
    1. All of the required inspections are listed under the Inspections tile under Work & Construction.
  4. Click Modify Request
    1. The Modify request button is located near the bottom right of inspection tiles that have existing inspection requests. The Modify request button is circled in red on the image below.
    2. The Edit or cancel inspection view will automatically appear, as can be seen by the image below.
  5. Check off Cancel Request
    1. To do so, check-off the I want to cancel this request box located near the bottom left of the Edit or cancel inspection request view.
  6. Cancel and close the Inspection Request
    1. To do so, click the Cancel now and close button which should now be highlighted in red.
  7. Success!


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