How to modify inspection requests on behalf of applicants

This tutorial explains how to modify an inspection request for an applicant. You can adjust the following in the inspection request form:

  • Requested date and time slot.
  • Enter or modify existing additional information.
  • Cancel the request.

Note that inspections can only be modified for applications under Construction started status. If the inspection request has been confirmed, it is not possible to change the requested date. In this case, delete the inspection request and create a new one.

Go to the Application Workspace and scroll down to the Inspections block.
 Expand the block by clicking Open on the right.
Find the inspection you wish to modify.
Click Modify Request.
The inspection request form opens to an editable mode.

Click Change Date and select a new date and time slot from the available drop-down menus to change the date and time slot.

To enter or modify existing information, start typing in the free text field under Additional Information (optional).
After desired modifications are made, click Update and Close.


To cancel the inspection request, check the option 'I want to cancel this request.´ After that, click Cancel Now and Close.

Success - The Inspection request has been updated according to your modifications.


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