My Today

What is My Today?

Cloudpermit was designed with municipal building inspectors in mind. Among other tools, Cloudpermit provides municipal inspectors with a tool called My today, which predominately helps inspectors easily view upcoming inspect. As the name suggests, My today provides inspectors a list of their upcoming inspections for the day.

How to Use My Today

If you are a municipal inspector in a municipality that has signed up to use Cloudpermit and you would like to access My today, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into Cloudpermit
    1. To do so, please go to and use your municipal email and the password you set when you setup your Cloudpermit account.
  2. Locate the Inspections Tile
    1. The Inspections tile is located within your dashboard. It is located in between Tasks and requests and Applications. An image of the Inspections tile is included below for reference. If you still cannot locate the Inspections tile, please go to 2 b). 
    2. NOTE: if you cannot locate the Inspections tile it may be due to you not being identified as a part of the inspectors group within your municipality on Cloudpermit. Please ask your Cloudpermit administrator to verify this. If you are not a part of the Inspectors group on Cloudpermit, please ask your administrator to add you. Once added, you should be able to view the Inspections tile.
  3. Click My Today
    1. As an inspector, the Inspections tile will provide you with access to the following two views:
      1. My today – a quick view of your upcoming confirmed inspections for today
      2. Cancelled – a quick view of the cancelled inspection requests
  4. Explore Functionality of My Today
    1. Inspections lists all of your confirmed for today. To record an inspection for one the confirmed inspections for the today, click the Inspect button located near the right side of each inspection.
    2. To navigate to the application dashboard in which each inspection belongs to, click on the address of the inspection, which is written in blue text and located on the left side of each inspection.
    3. To reassign the inspection, click the right arrow button located to the left of the Inspect button. Then select an inspector to reassign the inspection to. Then click Reassign. If you want to reassign all of the inspections at once, please click the Reassign all button located near the top right of the window.
    4. For navigation, you can click the Navigation button located near the top right of the window.

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