How to add/edit/remove deficiencies and remarks

Cloudpermit provides inspectors with an inspection view to record the inspection and on-site visit results. 

The Inspection view is accessible from the application by selecting first the inspection request and setting the inspection request to the Begin Visit step. Inspectors may add deficiencies and remarks for the inspection during their visit on site. The Inspection view contains the Deficiencies & Remarks section that allows inspectors to add deficiencies and remarks to the inspection. The deficiency blocks the inspection approval. A remark is only a notification for the applicant and does not block the inspection approval.

This section will teach you how to add/edit/remove deficiencies or remarks. 

  1. You have started the site visit.
  2. In the Inspection view, scroll down to Deficiencies & Remarks.
  3. Click Add New Deficiency/Remark.
  4. Select the Discovery date from the Calendar.
  5. Select the check box This is only a remark unless you are not reporting the deficiency.
  6. Type in a detailed description of the findings.
  7. Click Add and Close.
  8. The deficiency/remark report is created. It is a draft until the site visit is closed.
  9. If you wish to edit the report, for example, the description, or change the deficiency to remark, click Edit. 
  10. Make the desired edits and click Save.
  11. If you wish to delete the report, click Delete. The deletion removes the report from the inspection.

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