How to Record an Inspection Result for a Confirmed Inspection on a Mobile Device


Recording inspection results on Cloudpermit is easy and can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. This article explains how to record inspections on mobile devices. 

  1. On your mobile device, open a web browser
    1. Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox work best
  2. Log into your Cloudpermit account at
    1. Once you log into your account, your mobile device should appear similiar to the screenshot below.
    2. Please note: Cloudpermit works best on mobile devices when accessed in landscape mode. 
  3. Click on My Today
    1. A screenshot is included below for reference
    2. Once you click on My Today, your screen should appear something like this
  4. Click on the Inspect button
  5. Click Start a New Visit
    1. You have now been redirected to the inspection view. Every inspection result in Cloudpermit begins with a new visit. To begin a new visit, please click the start new visit button near the top right of the window. If you cannot locate the Start new visit button, it is located on the image below. 
    2. You should now scroll down using your fingers to add any necessary deficiencies, remarks, photos, etc...
  6. Add Deficiencies & Remarks (Optional)
    1. To add a Deficiency or Remark click the Add new deficiency/remark button (if you cannot see the button, click the open button located on the side of the deficiencies & remarks).
      1. To add a discovery date please select a date from the drop down menu by clicking the calendar.
      2. To add a description of the finding simply start typing in the text box.
      3. If you only want to add a remark, simply check the box next to This is a remark only.
      4. When you are finished inputting that information, please click the Add and close button located near the bottom right of the window.
    2. You can edit or delete or edit the Deficiency/Remark by clicking the Edit or Delete button located near the bottom right of the tile.
    3. Screenshots are included below for reference 
  7. Add New Orders (Optional)
    1. Similar to Deficiencies/Remarks, to add a New Order, begin by clicking the Add new order button located under the word ORDERS. (if you cannot find the add new order button, click the open button located on the right side of the orders section)
      1. Input the name of who the Order will be issued to by selecting it from the drop-down menu.
      2. Select a compliance date by selecting a date from the date selector
      3. Input any Additional address information
      4. Select a new deficiency/remark from the list of the deficiencies/remarks you inputted in the Deficiencies & Remarks section above.
        1. Optional - input a Description for the deficiency/remark
        2. Optional – input a Required action for the deficiency/remark
      5. Click the Add button located near the bottom right of the window
  8. Add Photos (Optional)
    1. To add photos:
      1. Select images from your phone. To do so, click the click here button written in blue text within the grey box
      2. Once you click the click here button, you'll need to select the source of which you want to upload the photo from. Your mobile device screen should appear similar to the image below. If you'd like to take a photo and upload it, select Take Photo. If you'd like to upload a previously taken photo, select either Photo Library or Browse
      3. If you selected Take Photo, you'll need to take the picture. Once you take the picture, click Use Photo.
      4. If you selected Photo Library or Browse, find the photo you'd like to use and select Done.
      5. Regardless of if you selected Take Photo, Photo Library, or Browse, once you upload a photo, your screen should appear like the image below 
      6. You can now add a description to your photo (optional). To do so:
        1. Click on the uploaded photo once and add your description in the description box and click the save button as can be seen by the screenshot below
  9. Input Notes (Optional) and Inspection Result
    1. Optional – Input any internal notes you may want other municipality users to be seen. Notes you input in this section will not be seen by parties of the application.
    2. Optional – Input any site conditions notes you may have. Any notes you right here will be visible to both municipality users and parties of the application.
    3. Input the Result for the visit. To do so, select one of the following four options from the drop-down menu:
      1. No access to work site
      2. Inspection not complete
      3. Failed 
      4. Passed
  10. Finish and close inspection
    1. It is now time to close the inspection. However, before you do, all of the information you have inputted, and make any necessary revisions.
    2. If you feel comfortable with what you’ve inputted so far, please click the Finish and close inspection button located near the bottom right of the window.
    3. Confirm the inspection visit by clicking Yes.
  11. Success! You have now finished the inspection
    1. If you wish to return to the project, please click the GO TO DETAILED INFORMATION button written in blue located near the top left of the window
    2. If you wish to return to My today, please click the Back to My today button located near the top left of the window

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