How to record inspection and visit results

This tutorial outlines how to record inspection and visit results to the inspection request. 

Click "Inspections" in the application.
Click "Start new visit" in the inspection view.
Go to "Attachments. Any attachment submitted as part of the permit application process can be found in the "Attachments" section.
Go to the "Deficiencies & remarks."
The section shows all created deficiencies and remarks regarding the inspections.

How to add new deficiency/remark:

Click "Add new deficiency/remark."
Select "Discovery date" from the calendar.

Check off the box "This is only a remark" if applicable.

Type in a description of your findings. You can use the pre-configured phrases, too.

Click "Add and close."
Go to the "Photos" section and upload any photos, for example, from the visit on-site.
Go to the "Inspection & visit results" section.

Fill out the inspection & results form—fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory to fill out.

Select "Result for this visit" from the drop-down menu:
  • No access to the worksite
  • Inspection not complete
  • Failed (Not substantially complete)
  • Passed (Substantially complete)

Click "Finish and close inspection."
Click "Yes."
Success - You have now completed your inspection.
This inspection result report is downloadable in the "All visits" section.
The Applicant will receive an email notification about the completed inspection. 


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