How to Dispatch Two Inspectors to the Same Inspection


There may be instances when two inspectors need to be assigned the same inspection. Cloudpermit allows dispatcher users to do so. This article explains how dispatchers can do that. 

How to Dispatch Two Inspectors to the Same Inspection

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at 
  2. Click on Dispatching
  3. Find the Inspection Request from the Inspection request on the left side
    • If the inspection request does not exist, you can create a new request directly from the dispatching view. To learn how to, please click here.

  4. Once you've found or created the Inspection request from the Inspection request queue, click on it once 
    • This will expand the request to reveal the following information:
      1. Qualifications required for the inspection
      2. A black banner on the bottom of the request with a Options and Notes button
  5. Click on the Options button 
  6. Click on COPY BOOKING
    • As the name suggests, this will literally copy the booking and create an identical request in the Request queue
    • This will allow the dispatcher to assign the copied request to an additional inspector

  7. Assign the two identical inspection requests to two separate inspectors
    • Since there are two separate but identical requests, two separate inspectors can now be dispatched to the same inspection. To that end, simply dispatch one of the inspection requests to the first inspector and the second (copied) request to the second inspector
    • Pro tip - You can now click on the address for the application in the request queue. This will redirect you to the application in a new tab

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