How to create an inspection for an application outside Cloudpermit

Municipal building authorities having dispatching permission, create inspections for applications outside Cloudpermit. It happens in the Dispatching view accessible from the Inspections section in the user Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to the Dispatching view via a link from the Inspection section. 
  2. Click Add New Inspection + in the Inspection request queue view.
  3. If the application is in Cloudpermit, you can search for the property by typing its address in the search text field. Cloudpermit populates all matching applications under the search field.
  4. Once the search returns no applications, click Create New Workspace+.
  5. Select the desired municipality in theSelect municipality/permit type drop-down list. Enter the property address. Cloudpermit returns a list of matching properties from the integrated GIS mapping functionality.
  6. Select the property address from the list.
  7. Click Create New Workspace.
  8. The new workspace has been created.
  9. To create a new inspection for the workspace, click Create Inspection.
  10. Select an inspection type from the Type drop-down list.
  11. Click Create Inspection.
  12. Select the requested date and requested timeslot in the Calendar. 
  13. Type in any additional information or instructions regarding the inspection in the Additional Information (optional).
  14. Click Create Inspection Request.
  15. The new scheduled inspection request with a new workspace for an application outside of Cloudpermit has been created.
  16. Any additional inspection for this application can be requested, managed, and completed in Cloudpermit.

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