How to Create an Inspection for Applications Outside of Cloudpermit


Dispatchers may need to create inspection requests for applications outside of Cloudpermit. This article explains how dispatchers can do that. 

How to Create an Inspection Request for Applications Outside of Cloudpermit

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Click on Dispatching
  3. Scroll down to the Inspection request queue
    1. It is presented vertically and lists all of the inspection requests waiting to be confirmed
  4. Click the ADD NEW REQUEST + button 
  5. Search for the application in the Search bar
    1. NOTE: You will obviously not find the application since it doesn't yet exist on Cloudpermit 
  6. Once the search returns no applications, click the CREATE NEW WORKSPACE + button 
  7. Select the applicable municipality from the Municipality drop-down
    1. The drop-down list in located under Select municipality
  8. Enter the address for the application in the Address bar
    1. The input should return the correct property from the integrated GIS mapping
  9. Click the CREATE NEW WORKSPACE button
    1. It is located under the address for the application
  10. Click the Create inspection button
    1. It is located under the address you selected in step #8
  11. Select the application inspection type
  12. Click the CREATE INSPECTION button
  13. Input a Requested date
  14. Selected a Requested time slot
  15. (Optional) Input any Additional information/instructions for the inspector
  16. Click the Close button located at the top of the Inspection request queue
  17. Success! The inspection request is now located in the Inspection request queue and should be treated like a normal Inspection request. This means it should now be dispatched. To learn how to dispatch inspection requests, click here
    1. Please note, you've now created an inspection request for an application outside of Cloudpermit, but additionally, this has created a WORKSPACE on Cloudpermit. What this means is that any additional inspections for that application can now be requested, managed and completed on Cloudpermit. 

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