How To Dispatch (Confirm and Assign) Inspections


Cloudpermit has a built-in dispatching functionality that allows certain authority users to easily confirm inspection requests and assign them to available inspectors. On Cloudpermit, we refer to this as dispatching. This article explains how to use Cloudpermit's dispatching functionality. Please note, only authority users within the dispatcher group can use Cloudpermit's dispatching functionality. To learn how to be added to the dispatcher group of your municipality, please click here.  

How To Dispatch (Confirm and Assign) Inspections

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at 
  2. Scroll down to the Inspections tile
    1. The Inspections tile is located under the Tasks and requests and above the Applications tile. A picture is included below for reference
  3. Click on Dispatching
    1. You will then automatically be redirected to the Dispatching view
    2. The dispatching view is comprised of four main components which are listed below:
      1. Calendar date selection - located near the top right of the screen
      2. Map - located underneath the Calendar date selection
      3. Inspection request queue - Located vertically underneath the map on the left
      4. Available inspectors - Located to the right of the Inspection request queue
    3. For reference, a screenshot of the dispatching view is included below
  4. Consult the Inspection request queue and pick a specific request to dispatch (confirm and assign)
    1. All of the requests for inspections will be found within the Inspections request queue 
    2. The date for which the inspection was requested is indicated above the request using a horizontal line
    3. The time slot for which the inspection was requested is written above the request
    4. Please note, if two separate inspection requests are made for the same date and time they will be listed together (above/below each-other). A picture is included below for reference 
    5. At this point, dispatchers can also view the past visits that were already completed for a specific inspection, as well as any Request details made by the inspection requester. To view these details, please follow the steps listed below:
      1. Click on the Inspection request in the Inspection request once. Once you do, a black bar will appear below the request
      2. Click the NOTES button located at the bottom right of the black bar.
      3. The Request notes, if any, will be located on the right side of the inspection request.
      4. If you click the Request notes you'll also be able to view Previous inspections.
  5. Select the Appropriate Date
    1. To do so, pick the appropriate date using the Calendar date selection located near the top right of the screen
    2. The date you should select is the date for which you want to dispatch (confirm and assign) a specific request. For example, if you wanted to dispatch an inspection request for tomorrow's date you would pick tomorrow's date using the Calendar date selection.
    3. Note: when you select a date from the date selection at the top right of the dispatching view which is the same date for an inspection request, a blue vertical line will appear on the left side of the inspection request in the inspection request queue. On the screenshot below, the date selection in the dispatching view has been selected as the same date as the date requested for the footing inspection for 13140 Twelve Mile Rd in Middlesex Centre (June 2, 2020)
    4. Please note, while PARTIES OF THE APPLICATION can request inspections on days that are identified as available by the municipality, the dispatcher has the ability to dispatch the request for a date/time that is different to what was requested
  6. Drag-and-Drop the Request Onto an Available Inspector
    1. To do so, simply click the inspection request from the inspection request queue and drag it onto an available inspector and drop it either in the 8:00 a.m-12:00 p.m or 12:00 p.m-4:00 p.m time slots. Keep in mind that although an inspection request can be made for either of the two slots, dispatchers can confirm the request for either time slot. A picture has been included below for reference. Please note, you can also verify the qualification(s) of inspectors by clicking the downward facing arrow on the left side of their name in the Available inspectors to see what qualification(s) they have
  7. Send a Confirmation Email to the Requestor - Optional
    1. Once you've dragged-and-dropped the inspection request onto an available inspector, click the confirmed inspection once. Once you do, a drop-down menu will appear
    2. Click the SEND EMAIL button located at the bottom right of the confirmed inspection as can be seen below
    3. Confirm the confirmation email by clicking the yes button at the bottom right
  8. Input Internal Notes To the Inspector - Optional 
    1. To do so, click the NOTES button which is located to the left of the SEND EMAIL button. 
    2. Type in any message you'd like to provide the inspector. These notes remain internal and are not visible to the PARTIES OF THE APPLICATION 
    3. There is no need to Save as the notes will automatically be saved. Once you're done adding any notes, if any, simply close the window by clicking the button at the top right of the window

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