How to Create Approval Requests from Approver Groups (eg. Conservation Authorities)


Cloudpermit makes it easy to collaborate with approver groups such as conservation authorities or fire departments. This article explains how to do so. 

How to Request the Approval of Approval Groups

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Find the Subject Application from the Application Section
    1. Please note, you can only request the approval of an approver group for applications that are under In Review status.
    2. Pro tip: to learn how to find specific applications faster, click here
    3. Once you find the subject application, open the application
  3. Scroll Down to the Approvals Section
    1. The Approvals Section is located at the bottom of the application, as can be seen on the screenshot below
    2. Please note, if you cannot see the approvals section, it's likely that the application is not yet under in review status
  4. Click Add Approval Request
    1. This will create the approval request, however, you now need to fill out the request
  5. Select the Organization to Request Approval From
    1. You can request the approval of organizations which have been configured into Cloudpermit. These organizations will be specific to your municipality. 
    2. To select an organization, click the drop-down menu under Select organization to request approval from. A screenshot is included below for reference. 
  6. (Optional) Select the Person to Send the Request to
    1. Similar to selecting the organization to request approval from, you can select a specific person to send the request to. By default, Cloudpermit will present you with a pre-programmed list of individuals you can send the request to.
    2. To select the appropriate individual, click the drop-down menu under Select person to send the request to
  7. (Optional) Input Request Notes
    1. You have the ability to input text as part of the approval request. To do so, simply type in text in the Request notes section
  8. (Optional) Give Additional Visibility of the Approval Request
    1. You can give additional visibility of the approval request. The two options are as follows:
      1. All stakeholders - This will allow all departments/agencies see the approval request) 
      2. All applicants - This will allow all applicants, builders, property owners, etc. see the approval request 
    2. To give one or both of these groups visibility, simply check the boxes off next to their names
  9. (Optional) Input a Due Date
    1. You have the ability to input a due date for the approval request. To inout a due date, simply click the drop-down menu under the due date
    2. Please note, if the approval group does not provide you with their approval/comments by the due date specified, the approval will become overdue, however, will not prevent the application from moving to the next status
  10. Finnish Creating the Approval Request
    1. To do so, click the ADD APPROVAL REQUEST button at the bottom right
    2. Please note, when you finish sending the approval request, if you selected a person to send the request to, they will receive a notification on their Tasks and requests section of their dashboard. 

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