How To Complete Reviews


Applications which are submitted to a municipality require the necessary reviews to be completed. This support article covers how to perform a review in Cloudpermit. 

How to Perform a Review

  1. Open Cloudpermit at
  2. Open a workspace that is in submitted status. You can use the filters on your dashboard to find applications that are in submitted status. Please see this article for more information on searching for applications on the dashboard - How to Create and Save Custom Search Filters
  3. Click Begin Review on an application
    • Note: You can always look over an application prior to hitting the Begin Review button. Remember that the parties to the application will receive notification that the review phase has begun once this button has been selected, and the internal timer will then begin.
  4. The application will now officially be in the Review phase, as a result you will now see a new Review section underneath the Attachment section. This Review section will house all of the necessary reviews that need to be completed in order for the application to enter the next phase. 
    • Note: The reviews which automatically appear are based on the permit type that is being applied for, and the configurations which have been set by the municipality. To learn more about configurations, and how to change them, refer to this article - *Insert Config Article. You can still add a New Review during this phase by clicking on the "Add New Review" button found at the top of this section.
  5. Open up a specific review by clicking on the small downward pointing arrow to the left of each review.
  6. Select a Reviewer and click the Save Review Request button
  7. Saving the Review Request will notify the selected reviewer that they have a review that they have been requested to complete. The requested reviewer will receive notification of this in their "Tasks and Requests" component of their Cloudpermit dashboard when they login. By clicking on the purple arrow next to the notification, the reviewer can jump directly into the requested review. 
    • Note: You can always assign/request reviews to yourself, as I have done here.
  8. Once the requested reviewer has logged into their Cloudpermit account and accessed the workspace, they too can scroll down to the review section and click the Begin Review button. 
  9. Once the review in questions has been started the reviewer can look over the necessary parts of the application and determine if any changes need to be made to the Attachments, Forms, or Parties (the reviewer will have a few extra options available to them depending on the section being reviewed, as can be seen in the image below regarding attachments)
  10. After the everything has been reviewed the reviewer can head back to the review section, select a result (eg. reviewed) and then select Save & End. 
    • Note: Selecting Save and Continue Later will not finish the review, as this button is designated for reviews that have not yet been completed in full and will be finished at a later date. 
  11. This review will now change its status to "Reviewed" with a green check mark and a timestamp denoting the date, time, and reviewer who undertook the review. 
    • Note: If a review requires changes (eg. "Changes Requested Status") the applicant and property owner parties will receive an email stating that they need to update the application appropriately. 
  12. After all of the reviews in the review section are completed, you will be able to move forward at the top of the application to the "Ready to Issue" phase. 

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