How to add a permit information for principal authority-application

This tutorial shows how to add permit information for principal authority -form to an application that remains in Submitted status. Usually, a permit information application for a principal authority of the local government may be required before continuing to the application review phase. The local government department has preconfigured various applications on Cloudpermit. They appear automatically on applications according to the preconfigured data.

Pick up the application under Submitted status from your Workspace and click Open Workspace to enter the Application Workspace.

The progress bar states that the application is under Submitted status.

The Building Permit progress bar underneath states that the application needs more action. It is marked with a red exclamation mark.

Scroll down to the Application block and expand it by clicking Open on the right.

There are two applications shown in the example.

The applicant has provided the upper application.
The lower application is the one that the local government requires to be filled out before processing the application.

Click on the required application.

Fill out the necessary information—fields with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory to fill in.

Cloudpermit saves all provided information automatically.

Return to the application by clicking the Return to Application button.

In case the application is not required, you can delete it by clicking on the Delete Form.
The application is now filled out, and it appears in the Application block.

Close the block by clicking Close on the right.

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