How to re-issue a permit

This tutorial outlines how to perform the process if a local government user must re-issue a permit that is already issued.

Step 1: Select the application in your workspaces and open it to navigate to the Application workspace. 

Step 2: 


  1. Select re-issue permit as an option 
  2. Select yes on the pop up window
    • This will put the application into a status where any of the information about the application can be edited as needed.
  3. Edit the information as required (eg. forms, attachments, etc.)
  4. Scroll down to the permits tile at the bottom of the workspace
  5. Click on the permit number 
    • Edit any information on the permit draft as needed
  6. (optional step if changes have been made to the permit template) Scroll to the Bottom of the permit draft page and click the Delete Draft button (this step will delete the old permit template, and replace it with the new version).
  7. Click Issue permit at bottom.

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