How to re-issue a permit

This tutorial outlines how to perform the process if a local government authority must re-issue an already issued permit.

Select the application that is "Permit issued" status.

In the application workspace (Application phase), go to the "More actions" drop-down menu and select "Re-issue permit."
The permit will be restored to the draft state to be modified and re-issued with the updated data.
If you must update it to the latest permit template, remove the permit draft and create a new one.
Upon permit deletion, any inspections required by the previous permit started will be marked as canceled.

Click "Yes."

Scroll down to the "Permits" section.

Click the "permit number."
Edit any information on the permit draft as needed.
See instructions for creating a permit draft.
If you must delete the permit template and replace it with the new version, scroll down and click "Delete draft."
Click "Issue permit."
Click "Yes."
Click "Dashboard" to return to your "My dashboard."

Click "Your project name"-link to enter the project view.

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