How To Reject Applications


There are instances when applications may need to be rejected. On Cloudpermit, authority users can reject applications. This article explains how that can be done. Please note, only applications under IN REVIEW status can be rejected.

How To Reject Applications

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Find the subject application and click on it
    1. To do so, scroll down to the Applications tile
    2. To help you find the subject application, you can use the built-in Cloudpermit search functionalities. To learn how to, please click here
    3. Once you find the subject application, click on the address of the property which is written in blue text
  3. Click on Select Action
    1. The Select action button is located next the READY TO ISSUE button which is greyed out. For reference, the Select action is located on in the middle of the right side of the application. A screenshot has been included below for reference. 
  4. Click on Reject application
  5. Input a Reason for Rejection
    1. To do so, simply begin typing in the text box located under Reason for rejection, as can be seen by the screenshot belowWhen completed, proceed to the next step.
  6. Confirm the Rejection 
    1. To do so, click the YES button located at the bottom right of the Reject application window
  7. Success! 
    1. The application is now REJECTED and all PARTIES OF THE APPLICATION will be notified
    2. A note has also been added to the application. An example has been included below for reference. 

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