How to transfer the application data received by paper/email into the Cloudpermit application

Cloudpermit allows municipal authorities to transfer building applications received by paper or email into Cloudpermit on behalf of a customer. The application creation process is the same as other applications. In the Summary view, the municipal authority selects the option "Application already submitted (e.g., by paper or email). 

In this section, you will learn how to transfer the application data received by paper or email into the Cloudpermit application.

  1. In the Dashboard, click Create a New Application.
  2. Follow the instructions in How to create a draft building permit application.
  3. In the Summary view, select the check box "Application already submitted, e.g., by paper or email."
  4. Select the submission date from the Calendar and click Finish & Create.
  5. In the Application workspace, scroll to Parties to the Application. You must invite the Applicant to the application. 
  6. Click Add or Invite Party+.
  7. Fill out the Applicant's email address. See also articles for adding a party manually and inviting and adding parties to the Application.
  8. Select the role of Applicant from the drop-down menu.
  9. Check off permissions.
  10. Click Send Invite.
  11. A new party invitation is sent to the Recipient.
  12. Scroll to Application Data.
  13. Fill out the application data form(s).
  14. If you must add a new application, click Add New Form and fill it out. 
  15. Cloudpermit saves all changes automatically.
  16. Scroll to Attachments.
  17. Add required attachments to the application. See instructions in the article How to upload attachments and decide the file visibility.
  18. The application is now completed. Click Submit Application at the top of the view.
  19. You can now start the review process on the Application workspace.  

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