How to create and submit an application for a customer

This tutorial shows how a building department can create and submit a digital application from a paper-based application on behalf of a customer using Cloudpermit.

The application creation process on behalf of a customer is similar to the regular applicant´s application process. The only difference comes on the Summary page, where you must check off the checkbox 'Create an application on behalf of a customer.

Step 1: See instructions for creating and submitting an application. Follow the instructions until step 9.

Step 2: After entering the Summary page after step 9, you will see the below view. 

Step 3:  After confirming that you have inputted the correct information on the Summary page, check off the checkbox Create an application on behalf of a customer.

Step 4: Click Finish & Create.

See instructions for signing off and submitting an application.

If the application requires inviting other parties, see instructions for inviting other parties to an application.

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