Setting up quick search filters

Cloudpermit provides the Quick Search functionality that includes pre-configured quick search buttons allowing users to apply a filter with the click of a selection button. The Quick Search is under Search.   

Note: You must first create search filters to be able to use the Quick Search function.

  1. Scroll to the Search section.
  2. Click the Saved filters drop-down to check that filters are available.
  3. Click Edit in the Quick search section.
  4. Click the Select Filter drop-down and choose the filter from the drop-down list to add to the quick search selection. You can add five (5) quick search filters.
    Once you have created quick filters, click Done.
  5.  The created quick search filters are ready for use. The quick search filter shows in numbers how many matches it includes (for example, the number of matches is forty-one (41)).
  6. Click the quick search filter once. It displays the data that matches the set search criteria on the map view by default. Switch to the list view on the right.




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