How to Create and Save Custom Search Filters


While Cloudpermit comes out of the box with a list of pre-configured filters, you may want to create and save custom filters. This article explains how to do so. 

How to Create and Save Custom Search Filters

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Scroll down to Workspaces
  3. Modify the applied search criteria
    1. To do so, click on any of the various available search criteria (assignee, status, category, reviewer, etc.) 
    2. For example if you want to add/delete various application statuses, click on Status and check on/off any of the desired statuses. A screenshot is provided below 
    3. Continue to modify the search criteria until you reach a desired configuration of filter you wish to use in the future
  4. Once you are finished modifying the search criteria, click the Save search button at the top left of the Search box. A screenshot is included below
  5. Begin typing in a name for your filter in the text box. a screenshot is included below for reference. 
  6. Once you are finished inputting a name for you filter, click on it from the list below the text box. It should be the first one. 
  7. Once you click on the name for the filter you just inputted, click on the purple check mark on the right side of the text box.
  8. Success! You should now be presented with a confirmation notification at the top right of your screen. An example screenshot is included below. 
  9. You can now apply the custom filter anytime you use Cloudpermit. If you forget how to apply a filter, click here

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