How to use the Commonly Used Phrases feature

Cloudpermit provides the Commonly Used Phrases feature to help authorities quickly pick up and use pre-programmed phrases throughout the application review, inspections process, and permit issuance. The phrases must first be configured in Cloudpermit. The Commonly Used Phrases feature includes the category that defines which category type the phrase belongs to, for example, for reviews or permits, etc. The administrator user may add new categories to the phrase template in the templates configuration anytime.

The Select Phrases drop-down menu includes the phrases that have been configured to the respective category. The user selects the category and the phrase from the available drop-down menus. Cloudpermit automatically adds the selected phrase to the text field. The user may also edit and modify the phrase in the text field.


You are a Reviewer and wish to add a pre-configured phrase to the review comment. First, you select the phrase category (Reviews) and the phrase (Approved reviews) used in the review comment. The pre-configured phrase appears in the text field. If you wish to edit the phrase to best suit the comment, you can do it in the text field. Click Save & End.

Preconfigured phrases will speed up your writing and keep the body text consistent throughout the documentation.

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