How to use Commonly Used Phrases

This tutorial outlines how to use the Commonly Used Phrases on Cloudpermit.  The Commonly Used Phrases help authorized users quickly pick and use pre-programmed phrases throughout the application review and inspections process. Note that the Commonly Used Phrases must first configure. See instruction for configuring Commonly Used Phrases.

You can find Commonly Used Phrases in many sections on Cloudpermit, quite commonly in different forms.

The Commonly Used Phrases typically exist with the Category selection. They both locate in the drop-down menus next to each other. The user first selects the category from the drop-down list and then the most appropriate phrase from the drop-down list under Select Phrase.

Above the drop-down menus, the following signpost texts appear 'All Categories' and ' Select Phrase.'

In the example, the new deficiency is being created.
The reviewer wants to use the standard phrases to speed up filling out the form.

Select first the relevant phrase category (Testing).
Select desired phrase (Select Phrase).

Click Add and Close.

Success - The category with the phrase should auto-populate within the text field.

The same instructions apply to all Commonly Used Phrases on Cloudpermit.

Note that you can also edit the phrase once added in the text field.

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