How to use Commonly Used Phrases


Cloudpermit's built-in commonly used phrases allows authority users to quickly pick and use pre-programmed commonly used phrases throughout the application review and inspections process. This article explains how to use commonly used phrases, however, these phrases will first need to be configured. To learn how to configure commonly used phrases click here

How to use Commonly Used Phrases

  1. Log into your Cloudpermit account at
  2. Find the subject application
    1. To learn how to find a specific application faster, click here
  3. Navigate to a text box
    1. More specifically, navigate to a place in the application or inspections where a text box is located. For example, on the screenshot below, the a new deficiency is being created.
  4. Select the applicable phrase category
    1. To do so, click the downward facing arrow on the right side of the All categories button
    2. To learn how to create phrase categories, click here
  5. Select the desired commonly used phrase
    1. To do so, click the Select phrase button
    2. Click the desired phrase. An example screenshot is included below for reference. 
  6. Success. The phrase should now auto-populate within the text box
    1. Note: You can edit the phrase within the text box

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