How to apply a search filter

This tutorial shows how to apply search filters on Cloudpermit to narrow down the search selection and help find specific applications faster.

In your Dashboard, scroll down to Workspaces.
The filter selection drop-down appears on the right under the Search section.
If you have applied a search filter and saved it, it appears automatically on the top of the Filters drop-down.
It has populated the selection shown under the Results section.  
If you want to narrow down the search results and not use the saved filter, use the drop-down selections in Status, Category, and Department.

Cloudpermit populates the best-matching search results under the Results section.
To apply a new search filter, start filling in the search criteria, like status, category, and department.
Choose them using the drop-down menus under each criterion.

After the criteria selection is made, the results are shown under the Results section.

If you want to save the search filter and use it later, go to the Search section and click Save.

Enter a name for the filter.
After done, click on the down-facing arrow on the right of the drop-down menu.

Next, click on the entered filter name to confirm the selection.

The new filter name appears at the top of the drop-down list.

Confirm its use by clicking the confirm mark (pointed with an arrow in the image).

Success - The new filter appears on the top of the Saved filters drop-down.


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