How to Withdraw Applications


On Cloudpermit, once an application has been submitted, it cannot be deleted, however, it can be withdrawn. An application can only be withdrawn when it is under submitted status. In other words, once the application enters in review status, it can no longer be withdrawn. Furthermore, applications can only be withdrawn by the applicant of the application. For an application withdrawal to be successful, the municipality needs to confirm the withdrawal. In other words, applicants can only request for applications to be withdrawn, and a municipality will ultimately need to accept the request.

How to Withdraw Applications

If you are an applicant, your application is in submitted status, and you wish to withdraw the application, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Locate the desired application under My applications. Remember, the application must be under submitted status. To verify the status of your application, it is written under the address of the application.
  3. Click the address of the application which is written in blue text. You will automatically be redirected to the application dashboard, which should appear similar to the image below.
  4. Near the right of the dashboard, there is a Select action button. Please click it and select Withdraw application. If you cannot located the Select action button, it is circled in red on the image below. 
  5. The Withdraw application has now automatically populated. You must now input a reason for the withdrawal. Once you have finished inputting the reason for withdrawal, please click Yes located at the bottom right of the window. 
  6. You have now successfully requested for your application to be withdrawn, as can be seen by the image belowThe Municipality will need to review your withdraw request and ultimately accept it for the application to officially be withdrawn
  7. If the Municipality does eventually accept the application withdraw request, the application dashboard should appear similar to the image below. 
  8. All parties of the application will receive an email notification from Cloudpermit notifying of the withdraw request as well as if the application is officially withdrawn.

How to Cancel Withdraw Requests

Applicants can cancel withdraw requests, however, must do so before the withdraw request is accepted by the Municipality. To cancel a withdraw request please follow the steps below.

  1. Access the application dashboard. If you forget how to, please follow the instructions above under the heading How to Withdraw Applications (steps 1 through 3)
  2. Click the Select action button and then click Cancel withdrawal.
  3. Confirm the cancelation by clicking Yes.
  4. Success! You have cancelled the withdrawal request.

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