Where Can I Find the Results to Inspections?


Results to inspections are posted directly on Cloudpermit. Long gone are the days of needing to call the municipality to get inspection results.

Once an inspector has completed an inspection and has uploaded the result to Cloudpermit, the result of the inspection will be available directly on Cloudpermit. More specifically, the inspection result will display the following information:

  • General Information including description of the inspection
  • Attachments (previously uploaded)
  • Deficiencies & Remarks (if any)
  • Orders (if any)
  • Photos (if any)
  • Record of all visits which will include the following information:
    • Inspection result (as applicable):
      • FAILED
      • PASSED
    • Inspection notes (if any)

This article explains how to get the results to inspections on Cloudpermit. 

How To Get the Results to Inspections on Cloudpermit

To view the result of inspections, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at ca.cloudpermit.com
  2. Under My Applications, please select the application for which you want to view an inspection result for. To select the application, please click on the address. The application you chose must be under Construction Started status.
  3. Once you have selected the subject application, you will be automatically navigated to the application dashboard, which should appear similar to the image below.
  4. Under Work & Construction you will find the list of inspection your application must pass. Inspection results will appear here. The inspection result will appear under each inspection. 
  5. To examine further details of inspection results, please click the Open button located near the right side of each inspection. It is written in using blue text and is circled in red on the image below.
  6. Once you have clicked the Open button, you will automatically be redirected to a view similar to the image below. For the image below, the Rough plumbing inspection result was picked. The inspection FAILED. 
  7. In this view, you can find the following information:
    1. General information including a description of the inspection
    2. Application Attachments (previously uploaded)
    3. Deficiencies & Remarks (if any)
    4. Orders (if any)
    5. Photos (If any)
    6. A record of all visits
  8. To find more information regarding all visits by the inspector, please click the downward facing arrow which is located under ALL VISITS. It is displayed on the image below. This will expand the ALL VISITS tile and provide you with more information (if available). 
  9. Once you are finished examining the result of the inspection, you can return to the WORKSPACE by clicking the BACK TO WORKSPACE button located near the top left of the window.

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