How to cancel the requested inspection

Cloudpermit provides the Inspections feature that is accessible from the application. The feature allows requesting various inspections (Applicants), monitoring, and conducting inspections on-site (Authorities). Applicants may request various inspections for their projects, and decide the date and timeslot for the inspection. Before the Authority confirms the request, an Applicant can still cancel the unconfirmed inspection request. If the inspection request is confirmed, it cannot be canceled.

In this section, you will learn how to cancel the requested inspection in the application.

  1. In the Work & Construction workspace, scroll down to Inspections.
  2. Select the inspection you wish to cancel and click Modify request.
  3. Select the check box I want to cancel this request.
  4. Click Cancel Now and Close.
  5. The inspection request is canceled.
  6. You can re-request the inspection anytime in the Inspections section.

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