How to Create Inspection Requests


Did you know Cloudpermit allows you to request inspections online? Even better, Cloudpermit allows you to request inspections from the comfort of your own home without the need to get in touch with the municipality. To request an inspection on Cloudpermit, please follow the instructions below. A video tutorial has been included at the bottom of this article. 

How To Create Inspection Requests 

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at
  2. Under My Applications, please select an existing application by clicking on its address. This application must be under PERMIT ISSUED status.
  3. Once you have selected an existing application, you will be navigated to the application dashboard. It should look something similar to the image below
  4. The application has automatically switched from its Application dashboard to its Work dashboard. The Work dashboard displays all of the required inspections and their results, while the Application dashboard view shows basic information about the project such as parties of the application, attachments, application data…etc.
  5. Under Work & Construction, an Inspections tile now appears. Please click Show upcoming inspections. This will display all of the required inspections this application must pass.
  6. Under each specific inspection, a brief description of what each inspection will appear. To request the inspection, simply click Request inspection. It is bordered by a dotted grey line and is located in the middle of each inspection tile. If you still cannot locate the button, it is circled in red below
  7. Once you have clicked Request inspection the New inspection request window appears. Here you will request the date and time for inspection. You can also add additional information (optional). The window should appear similar to the image below.
  8. To request a date, click the grey YYYY-M-D grey box under Requested date. A calendar will now appear. Simply select a preferred date.
  9. Once you have selected the Requested date, you now need to select the Requested time slot. To do so, click the grey box under Requested time slot and select a time.
  10. You can now add additional information for the inspector, if desired.
  11. Once you have inputted the Requested date, Requested time slot, and Additional information (optional), please click Create inspection request.
  12. Once you click Create inspection request you will be navigated back to the main application dashboard. The request you have just created is now UNCONFIRMED, as can be seen by the image below. When the municipality confirms this request, it will automatically switch to CONFIRMED status.

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