How to download an issued building permit

This tutorial shows you how you can access and download your issued building permit.

Once a local government authority has decided to issue your building permit, it becomes available on Cloudpermit under Permit Issued status. You have an access to it. Once issued, you will receive an email notification about the status change.

Step 1: In the Dashboard, find the desired application that is in the Permit Issued status. Click Open Workspace on the card.

Step 2: In the Application Workspace, scroll down to the Permits block. 

Step 3: Expand the Permits block by clicking Open on the right.

Step 4: Click Download Permit.

Step 5: Go to the Downloads folder on your computer and double click on the freshly downloaded permit there.

Note that another way to access your building permits is to click the link included in the email from Cloudpermit notifying you that your application is now in Permit issued status. Once you click on the link, follow the instructions above, starting at step 3.

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