How To Upload New Versions of Attachments


There may be instances when a new version of a specific attachment may need to be re-uploaded onto Cloudpermit. For instance, when a municipality requests revisions on a site plan attachment, a new version will need to get re-uploaded onto the application. Fortunately, uploading new versions of attachments to Cloudpermit is quick and easy. Even better, when new versions of attachments are uploaded onto an application on Cloudpermit, the older versions are saved and do not get deleted from the application. This article outlines how to upload new versions of attachments onto applications on Cloudpermit.

How To Upload New Versions of Attachments 

  1. Log into Cloudpermit at 
  2. Find the subject application from My applications. Click on the subject application. 
  3. Click the Open button located on the right side of the Attachments tile. This will expand the tile to reveal all of the attachments that are a part of the application
  4. Locate the attachments for which you want to upload a new version and click the downward facing arrow located next to the left side of the name of the attachment. The arrow is circled in red on the image below. 
  5. Locate and click the UPLOAD NEW VERSION button located on the right side of the attachment. It is circled in red on the image below. 
  6. Locate the new version from your device and click Open
  7. The new version will now get uploaded. Please note, all previous versions are saved on the application.

Note: If you have been requested for changes in your documents/drawings, upload a new version (as instructed here) instead of uploading a new document from the top of the attachments page. Doing so, the reviewer can see that the requested changes are made.

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